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Worm pump SP 11 LMR

The compact and versatile SP 11 is the standard for operation, comfort, performance and mixing quality for worm pumps. It is ideal for pre-mixed and site-mixed mortars with grain sizes up to 0.25 inches. The standard swivel mixer provides ease of use for the operator, in addition to superior mixing results. Suitable for both thick and free-flowing mixes, the Putzmeister SP 11 is infinitely adjustable for just the right volume of material.

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Technical data:  SP 11 LMR
Industries Mortar
Process type Wet
Horizontal pumping distance* 393′ 8″ (120m)
Vertical pumping distance* 196′ 10″ (60m)
Version Lifting mixer
Pump type 2L6
Delivery pressure 25 bar
Theoretical delivery rate* 0.18-2.12 ft³/min (5-60 l/min)
Compressor 2-cylinder compressor, 14.13 ft³/min (400 l/min), 102 psi (7 bar)
Trap mixer 6.40 ft³ (180L)
Conveyor hopper 7.80 ft³ (220L)
Maximum aggregate size 0.25″ (6mm)
Manufacturer’s model 3-cylinder Kubota, at 2,600 rpm
Horsepower 21.80 hp (16.30kW)
Chassis Without brakes, approved for road use
Length 139″ (3,540mm)
Width 56″ (1,420mm)
Height 45″ (1,150mm)
Filling height 34.60″ (880m)